Room to Relax

I need a bigger bath, which was my first thought in response to the photo challenge this week…Room

My favourite thing to do is to relax in a hot bath with sea salt and bubbles and there is nothing better than an old-fashioned clawfoot tub. Why? Because they are deep and have the right angle somehow to lay in, plus they are free-standing so I can stick my feet over the edge anyway I like…if I like.

My tub here at the apartment is very shallow and small and I really miss the old clawfoot tub that I used to have many years ago. I  know that there are some wonderful modern baths that are very spacious and deep, but the first house I bought in Canada was built in 1905 and even though the bathroom was small, the old-fashioned clawfoot tub was amazing.

When I was in my early twenties I lived in Sussex Gardens, opposite Hyde Park in England. I rented a studio flat there and it had a wonderful clawfoot tub that was not only deep, but it was exceptionally long too, I am not kidding when I say it was big enough for two!

The only thing that you can’t see in this image is the window. A window in the bathroom just finishes everything off. You can open it to enjoy a lovely breeze while your soaking and to gaze at the stars if its a clear enough night.


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I have one of those ball and claw baths in my 2nd bathroom. It just fits in, wall to wall, with not an inch to spare. 🙂

I am so jealous Sylvia :). That’s wonderful, I hope you use it….at least once in a while anyway.

Reply to  Pennie

I prefer my spa bath, but usually shower as it’s quicker. The grand kids love it though. 🙂

Love this shot. Very appropriate for the challenge!

Reply to  Kongo

Thank you Kongo :).