Difference in Cardstock for Tarot Decks

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The 350gsm standard card stock is thick and sturdy with a nice smooth finish. This cardstock is a popular choice for game card creators as it is perfect for both card and board games. I find this cardstock a little difficult to riffle shuffle, if that is important for you, but then that could just be me.

The 330gsm superior smooth casino card stock, even though it is not quite as thick as the standard cardstock, it has an extra smooth finish, with a black core, and is considered to be one of the finest available. This card stock is made to look cleaner, is very durable, and all in all, possesses a superior feel to it. Top choice for game card creators and for purposes that require the absolute best in smooth card surfaces and quality.

There are definitely other cardstock choices available. Another one I am familiar with that is quite popular is the 310gsm Linen cardstock. I did use this cardstock 10 years ago, when I first started designing, however, I prefer the quality and weight of the 330gsm. Even though it is the most expensive cardstock you can purchase, I personally think it is the best choice for any card deck, especially tarot style decks.

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