Travel Theme: Meeting Places

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Travel Theme: Meeting Places

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Sell Art OnlineFor the Travel Theme this week I thought about when I lived in England and we would meet for tea and scones in the afternoon. The “official” name is Cream Tea which consisted of a pot of tea, scones, clotted cream and jam. it really is a delicious treat.

I really enjoy a nice cup of tea, perhaps it’s because I’m British, who knows. I took this photo when I was in Ludlow, England last year. Carvell’s is a highly rated cafe…so here is a link to their facebook page if you are interested in seeing more than just the outside.

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Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs

July 30, 2014at 4:41 pm

Lovely blog… Thanks so much for sharing my scones! ❤️


    July 30, 2014at 6:58 pm

    You are most welcome Prudy, you have a great blog too and truly delicious recipes!

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