New – But Still The Same

It makes sense that the very first photo challenge for this year is new, I am so happy that I didn’t miss it!

I created this image for one of my cards in my Oracle Deck and felt it was a great fit for this challenge. Origami demonstrates beautifully how we can transform into someone completely new, while remaining true to who we are. With a few expert folds a flat piece of paper becomes a beautiful swan, yet it is still the same piece of paper…just no longer flat.

So here’s to a fantastic year ahead with many new and exciting transformations.


This artwork is for sale in my gallery as:

Wall Art, Home Décor, Puzzle, Beach Items, Tote Bags, Greeting Card/Stationery, Phone Case, Coffee Mug, Face Mask and Apparel.

The image is adjustable, use all of it or just part of it.

Click on the image above for more information.

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    • Pennie

      Thank you for your comment Jane, I am sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you are doing well and I am sending you lots of ‘new hope’ too. Take care, Pennie

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