Fortunate and Grateful

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From Endless Skys Oracle Deck

Word of the Day Challenge – Fortunate

Being fortunate, if you look it up in the dictionary, basically means that you are lucky. I am sure most people would say that they consider themselves fortunate, for many different reasons in a lot of different ways. People often associate the word fortune with lots of money and wealth, but as an adjective it describes so much more. The ways that we are fortunate are always relative to our circumstances and priorities. If I lived in a third world country I would consider myself fortunate if I had running water. Most of us don’t even think about the convenience of having running water, until our water supply briefly gets cut off due to some outdoor maintenance by our local municipality; then we realize how fortunate we are.

The word did make me think of one of the cards I created for my Oracle Deck, called Prosperity. While prosperity is usually linked with wealth, the card does point out that we can prosper in many ways. So in whatever way we feel fortunate today, may we also feel grateful!

Word of the Day Challenge

If you are interested in more information about the Original Oracle Deck mentioned above, including a full gallery of the deck, please click on the image or the highlighted word.

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