Favourite ‘Quote’ and Why!

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”

I must begin by saying that many years ago I believed that the above quote was by Buddha, however, upon research it seems that it may have been derived by something that Buddha said, but it is not a direct quote. But regardless as to how the saying came into being, it is still a favourite of mine and here is why.

Telling the truth or facing the truth is not always easy, but honestly, it must be easier than trying to keep up with a lie. As children we are taught ‘honesty is the best policy’ so as adults you would think that we would embrace this knowledge and have the courage to be accountable for our actions. Accidents happen and mistakes are human, so why not own it, do whatever is necessary to make things right and then move on.

Unfortunately though some ‘non-truths’ have much bigger, far reaching, consequences than others. It is this kind of deliberate deception that, I believe in my heart, will at some point be revealed. It may take a while, that goes without saying, but I need to believe that just like the sun and the moon, the truth cannot remain hidden for long, it will eventually be uncovered and hopefully any wrongs put to right.


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